Mom, Ministry, Life, Family, Humor



Positivity, embracing the greater good, giving God all the glory and humor.    

Wife to a techier-than tech guy who loves Jesus.  Mom to younger-ish kids 7,5,4 (not a great “family planner” clearly.)  Happiest with coffee and a book, but can also hang with friends new and old out on the town.  Relationships are my thing.  Love for people and life.  An unending desire to know why people are who they are.   99.9% unapologetic optimist.

Passionate about all women finding their place in this big-beautiful-crazy world.  Stepping out of my comfort zone each and everyday to meet God where I believe He is calling me.  Words have always been my way to articulate all things.  I can’t sing or play an instrument, my 5 year old’s artwork has already surpassed mine, I can cook and like it, but also really love take-out.  My “garden”, I think, is just a giant bed of overgrown chives and weeds.  I like to focus on whole and clean eating while still being normal.  Slight CrossFit addict…all women should do a little heavy lifting –literally– now and then.

Found my desire to chase after the deeper things of life while pretty young, thanks to a handful of youth group trips to third world countries and their heart breaking orphanages.  Broke the mold a bit and went to a BIG 10 university in the Midwest and remained faithful to Jesus, met my husband on campus.  Pursued a career in non-profit management and development.  Worked at an organization for homeless youth, youth with HIV/AIDS and a major cancer non-profit.  Ministry work always.  Writing, speaking, teaching and reading are passions of mine.  My greatest joy is finding people who are broken and helping them find their way back to God.