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In my mind I have written 4,239 blog posts.  In reality, I have had 2 blogs and about 10 posts total over the past 7-8 years.

I might not be one for consistency when it comes to actually articulating my thoughts, but I’m also not one to let go of my dreams.

So, nervously, I give you attempt number 3 at my own blog.  (AHHH WHY AM I DOING THIS!)

…have you ever had something nag and nag and nag at you? (if you have kids then you do.)  That is what has led me to this.  I have no idea if I have any skills when it comes to writing, but it is a dream and passion and a voice that consumes me to put some words down of my own. I want to be brave and follow this voice.

Lately, I have seen a lot of women in my life follow brave paths.  Honestly, I am in awe of them.  They have taken a passion or dream or drive and turned it into something they can be proud of.

For me it’s been a weird road to be happy for other women following their dreams.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not not happy for them, I just wasn’t always pure in my joy.  Mostly because I let their accomplishments lead me to wonder what I was doing?  Women who were happy in their place doing what they love (anything!) left me feeling like I might be missing out.  Turns out this is a real thing.  FOMO — fear of missing out.  (Am I way late to the party with this term??  I feel like I am)

Anyway, with this new information, instead of feeling bad and like I’m missing out (for my personality this makes a lot of sense  #gottatryeverything), I just decided to try on genuine happiness for women regardless of my own self and what I may or may not be doing.

Here’s the thing with me…I was a little caught up in what all the people around me were doing, that I forgot to press into what God has designed me to do.  Once I was able to channel that happy little inner voice again (the nagging) it all became so crystal clear.

Once I could put my own stuff aside, the overwhelming joy and excitement I felt was phenomenal.  An old neighbor friend started a really cool art business a few states away, I love seeing her pieces on instagram.  I have another friend who is working so hard to get her photography business up and going, her talent is incredible.  My dear friend became a fitness instructor and is amazing.  I have a handful of  wonderful, hardworking friends finding success and joy selling…oils, wraps, bags, jewels, fitness…I’m all in!  (I wish I could afford all it)  I love what you are doing, you are brave and I admire your confidence so much.

Then there are my blogging, writing, speaking and teaching women.  You are my heart and soul.  I see you and I literally get knots in my belly.  I am excited for you and I am envious in the pure sense of I WANT TO DO THAT TOO.  Which leads me to this blog, this post, this attempt at blog number 3.  That nudge that is starting to feel like a push or God might actually be shoving me into what makes my heart beat.  No more FOMO for me – I’m diving in baby!





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