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baby fix.

baby fix.

I went and saw a new baby today.  It was so wonderful, number one, because I am not having any more babies.  All of us ladies who are past that stage of life know, we need our fix from time to time.  Number two, there is just something so beautiful and inspiring about being around a newborn.  The whole world in front of them.  Life, hope, the beauty of a completely unwritten story.   

I had a few words I wanted to share with this new mom, but of course the reality of actually going to a store and getting a card, finding a pen in my bag (nope not one pen, but 5 books, 2 pairs of socks, a screwdriver and some packing tape are all up in there) seemed harder than you could imagine, so I did what I do, I just wrote some words out here.  This is for all the new moms out there or for anyone who might need a little hope or reminder of what we get to do here on this earth as parents, the highest calling, the most miraculous gift, the greatest challenge and most privileged of purpose.

…What a thrill you are embarking on as a new mom.  It is by far the most beautiful and chaotic thing I’ve ever experienced.  These first few weeks are sure to be some of the most exhausting, fulfilling, messy, crazy, boring (daytime tv has hit an all time low, however, I should say, I’d move hell or high-water to make sure I didn’t miss an episode of The Chew back in the day.) it’s utterly amazing.

You are going to be so good at this, you already are.  In the relatively short time I’ve had the privilege to know you I have seen your tenacious spirit and unyielding desire to love those around you in your own unique way.  I just love that about you.  Your little girl will get your absolute best in that.  She will see you strive to better the world as you pour out all you got to give her the world.  She’ll see you at your worst and that will be ok.  She’ll learn that no one is perfect, and that we need our perfect Savior everyday.  She’ll learn that this world can be harsh and a little cold especially to women and she’ll draw on your determination to spread good and love even in the face of struggle and discrimination.

What an amazing gift it is to raise a daughter.  It will stretch you in more ways than you know even existed.  It will make you question who you are at your very core because you will see so much of yourself in her.  You’ll never want to quit fighting for the message of The Cross because it’s the only way to do this, the only thing worth fighting for.  You are going to move mountains for her and she will be your life’s greatest gift…

2 Corinthians 9:8 — and God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.

As long as we have breath in our lungs, we have everything we need to do the good work He called us to do.  Yes, even raising these babies in this crazy world we live in.  We have everything we need – in all things and at all times.  How crazy, how encouraging, that God has called us do this good work, to raise these babies, He’s blessed us abundantly.


pee smell.



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