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The one time I almost ran over a lady in the carpool line.

The one time I almost ran over a lady in the carpool line.

OHMYGOSH the carpool line situation at my kid’s school is so real.  I have heard moms complain about this.  I have seen the posts titled “dear mom in the carpool line”.  I have watched the (what I thought were) over exaggerations of it in movies.  

Living it now, in the everyday.  It’s all so. True.

And because I am such a patient person, I am usually never stressed in the carpool line. #lies.

Something happened today…a great combination of things: kids grumpy, running late, forgot something and had to turn around, so more late…

Then we roll into the carpool line.  We are not alone in our lateness.  As I pull up behind a fellow minivan driver, I’m thinking ok, we are in and out…but NOPE, another mom walks up to her window and they start a conversation.  Two moms talking in THE CARPOOL LINE.  

My girls hop out.  There were other cars behind me.  I’m beyond ready to bounce….

But, no.  Mom’s be chatting.  Seriously any other day I feel like I would be cool.  Today though, I was not.  I was not cool.

The other cars behind me start to back up to pull around me.  And finally I’m clear to backup and pull around the minivan mom and her friend.

OH that poor mom standing outside of the van window talking.  I truly believe she thought I was going to run her down.  I barely backed up and then I full speed went for it, barely clearing these poor women who, I’m sure, were just not fully aware of the line behind them (insert previously non-existent benefit of the doubt).

The final icing on the crazy cake, however, was the arms up in the air gesture (like 2 hands up saying “seriously”) I made to them. That was a new low.  Did I mention I’m a very patient person?

Motherhood’s greatest quest might just be to find patience.  It’s so freaking impossible.  With the kids and the needs and the neediness of the kids who always have needs.  It’s never ending, mind numbing patience robbing.

I remember going on a prayer walk with a mom friend of mine, when my oldest kid was just a baby.  My friend’s kids were a bit older and I blatantly remember her asking God for patience during our prayer.  And I was all like (in my mind), WHY?  How can you not be patient with this amazing gift from God, this baby child that God blessed you with?  Is she seriously struggling with that?

I was clueless then.

Helpless babies turn into obstinate toddlers, sassy six-year-olds and so on and so forth.  THIS my friends is where patience comes at a premium, a relative illusion.  I mean it’s so hard to keep your cool.

So the carpool line thing caused me to stop and reflect.  My patience is wearing.  I can recognize this.  I know God wants to use me.  I know I am called to love my kids and the moms in line and my husband and my friends and the checkout lady and my coworker people.

When my patience is wearing it’s like I’m at the edge of a cliff.  I can either dive off and let the crazy (carpool mom) take over or I can back it up and try a new approach.  For me, it’s the choosing joy, looking for the good, acknowledging everything that is right in the midst of all that might be wrong…even terribly wrong deal.  When I can take pause in those moments when I’m ready to jump, it is generally not very hard for me to quickly regain control.  More on this to come…how do you keep your cool and stay patient?  I am always open to new suggestions!



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